organizing the library

July 30, 2007 at 3:34 pm (classification, DDC, library)

You know, we get the strangest suggestions from patrons on how to organize our collections. One woman years ago was incensed –incensed! – that we did not have picture books featuring African American characters in a separate section. Another person wants all of the Sylvia Browne books together so she could easily browse them. There is no one way to satisfy each person.

Many librarians are debating the usefulness of the Dewey Decimal System. I don’t think we’ll ever find a perfect system; but I do think having friendly, efficient, fast staff on hand to help is a huge part of the solution. I’m not sure if we can ever really get away from The Desk, but having roving staff would be so helpful to our users.


  1. library chicken said,

    I had a woman today who was shocked! that we didn’t have African-American authors in a separate section. Luckily we have a handout with A-A authors I could help her with.

  2. Susan Mellott said,

    Yes, roving staff would be great and I was looking for someone to help me last week (I guess I forgot I wasn’t in a store and was expecting to find someone around).

    Also, better signs would be great, especially in the media area. There is a whole bunch of rows of shelves that just say Educational Material (or something like that). I had to go up one side of each row and down the other, looking at the material at each section to see what they really were.

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