Online events

July 31, 2007 at 3:24 pm (2.0, library, mpow)

We are playing with 2.0 online event calendars. I’d like to track my experiences with them here.

  • Easy to create events
  • Easy to repeat most events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly); however, if they don’t follow a specific pattern, there is no way to repeat
  • “900 Library Plaza” is not recognized by any of the map services (I’ve attempted to put a stop gap in place and add new map links to 900 Webster Street.)
  • Lists “Who No performers specified”, but doesn’t give any place to indicate who the performers are!
  • Allows lots of HTML, hyperlinks (to our site, catalog, etc.), and pictures!
  • Allows unlimited tags – we can use these to apply specific searches for “acpl dupont adults” or “acpl book club” and link to the latest X events.
  • No way to see my (previously used) tags, though – that would rock
  • Can create “stickers” to use on blogs/Web pages.
  • Can save as calendar (each agency could create/print their own, if desired).
  • Response time is a little slow sometimes
  • I have twice had an error that would not correct even after several attempts. Once the wrong location was showing, the other issue was a misspelled word. I repeatedly fixed the mistake, saved, and… still there.
  • When editing an event that repeats it switches to the first repeat option (each X day), even if previously it had been set up as on the (first Sunday). So any time you correct something in any part of the event, you must reset how the event repeats. Lame.


  1. Lynn said,

    I’ve submitted a map update request to Navteq detailing the address change, so hopefully it will get fixed at some point soon…

  2. Ian said,

    Yeah, I had an error that would not correct too. However, their tech support was able to fix it. Still, it doesn’t bode well for using it on the scale we’re talking about.

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