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September 17, 2007 at 10:54 pm (newspaper, reading)

The newspaper I’ve subscribed to my entire adult life has changed size. They have been printing the Living section in the new smaller format for a few weeks, but today the entire paper is on noticeably smaller, stiffer paper. It is strange how simply the feel of the paper influences the feeling of reading for me. I wonder what it will be like taking it out to brunch – my absolute favorite indulgence when I’m off work and can sleep in late.

David reading
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I wonder how others read the paper? I read the Ask Amy, Hints from Heloise, and Dr. Gott first because they are my favorite. Then I read the comics (but not Garfield or Peanuts). I peruse the celebrity stuff on the Living front and check for any Emma Downs gems. Then on to the front section – editorials, inside front page, then front (I hate it when they split the front page into two sections and I have to read editorials in one and then the other). Then Metro, Business (I like Resumania and Daneen Skube), obituaries (yes, I know, I’m much too young). Then I re-read over all the sections and check everything, sometimes even looking at Sports if I have lots of time (sorry, Justin). I like the Stockmans wine column on Saturdays. Carolyn Hax and Steve Penhollow are awesome in the Weekender.


  1. Melissa said,

    Hi Chicken

    Yesterday I needed to come in and find a couple of articles from Friday and Saturday. I brought the papers into my office and started searching. I couldn’t find the article in the NS so I looked it up on the web! I found it there.

    But I know what you mean about the paper. It’s weird having it small. Seems small-townish to me. I don’t like it!

  2. Anonymous said,

    Hi Chicken,
    Thanks for the comments about Uncorked! I’ve been through the size change at another paper, and you will be surprised at how fast you get used to it. In one week, go back and pick up the old size and feel how large and clumsy it seems. It’s strange how quickly the old one will feel foreign and the new one will feel “right.”

    -Dan Stockman.

  3. Ian said,

    Your “don’t read” comics list is about as long as my “read” list. So many not worth my time!

  4. Debnog said,

    I found the size weird, too. But Mr. Stockman is right–it WAS easier to hold, and to manage. I love the color, that’s for sure. One thing I’m concerned about is this: WHERE IS THE SUNDAY PARADE MAGAZINE? I can’t live without it. (Perhaps I just got one with out it?) I worry, because I’m not sure if the Parade will fit into the smaller format.

  5. Nina said,

    Hi – I figured out how to correct my spelling and I did it immediately. I liked your piece on reading the newspaper. I read the Journal everyday before I go to work. My oldest and youngest brothers work for the Journal. I have to read the funnies, the obits, editorials and the sports page. Weird huh! Nina

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