unsupported browser – danger!

October 9, 2007 at 1:28 pm (Uncategorized)

unsupported browser – danger!
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The Bloglines beta site doesn’t support the browser we have on our public computers – Internet Explorer 6 (IE6). I absolutely abhor IE and would MUCH rather use Firefox.

I like the options available in Firefox that you can’t do in IE (version 6 anyway – I haven’t tried version 7 much).

  • Right-click to View Image. I use this all the time.
  • Ability to exponentially increase text size with no limit. (IE6 lets you makes text two sizes larger, but that’s it.)
  • Tabbed browsing! I always have more than one Web page open – usually at least 3+. Firefox makes this neater to do. (I know you can do this in IE7.)

My problem with turning other people on to a new browser is the response: “Browser? What the hell is that?” People are so used to using IE that they don’t realize there are options beyond the “big blue e”. And, if that works for people, cool. But there are so many cool options that they can’t use, and I find that sad.

IE comes pre-installed on a lot of computers and is ready to go. So another obstacle to turning people on to Firefox is the fact that it requires a download and installation. It is actually pretty quick and easy, but this is too much for some people. (If anyone wants help getting Firefox, I’d be happy to help — and give you a little tour of its majesty!)


  1. Ian said,

    IE 7 is just a Firefox wannabe. Still, that automatically makes it better than IE 6.

  2. Lettie said,

    i *love* firefox and hope that by the time evil script writers start attacking it en masse (or by the time i notice)we have something else. . .

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