October 23, 2007 at 10:09 am (computer skills, technology, technology literacy)

I was in a car accident today — on my way to a breakfast meeting and the car behind me got hit from behind and smashed into my back bumper. Everybody was OK, but a terrible way to start any day. :(

The cop gave me the report number on a card for a Web site where you can purchase and download the report (for the low, low price of $12!). You can also pick it up from the police station, but I wonder for how long. Will anyone be surprised when someday it will be available online only?

Lisa mentions in this post how job applications are often online and those without basic computer skills are left behind. Add unemployment benefits, gift registries, basic communication with many companies and government agencies – things are going digital whether anyone likes it or not.

As someone who likes technology, I’m OK with this trend. But I see how many people will be adversely impacted by it. Think of all of the people who come to the library for their only connection to the internet. We see – often painfully clearly – the skills they lack. What can we do to help?

I have been pumped up by offering our 2.0 classes. But many people don’t even have basic computer skills – they need 1.0 instruction. How are we helping these people? Won’t helping them to help themselves help the community in general?


  1. Heidi said,

    Sory to hear about the car crash! Glad everyone is doing o.k. I agree that we clearly need to help people with basic computer skills. It would be great if we could conduct basic computer skills classes at the Main Library. Do you know if other libraries are doing this? I’ll bet there is grant money for this type of project.

  2. Evan said,

    Yeah, that stuff is dramatic, isn’t it. It got bashed on the bridge coming east into downtown during morning rush hour a few weeks ago. Woman had turned around to tell her kids to settle down or something. She turned out to be a doctor my wife knows. Good old small town Fort Wayne.

    Glad you’re healthy. We need your steady support and encouragement in this 2.0 stuff.

  3. Liberry 2 said,

    Heidi- We’ve been offering basic computer classes at Main for a number of years. More on that on my blog-

  4. Lettie said,

    three cheers for your enthusiasm! and sorry about the crash, no matter how small the impact always hurts in ways you never imagined~

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