email hoaxes

October 31, 2007 at 10:42 pm (internet etiquette)

I was just complaining about mass email fordwarders yesterday. We all know someone (or are someone, I guess!) who forwards every cutesy powerpoint presentation or email virus warning. I have two in my family.

So I got an email tonight which included the email headers with batches of email addresses and signature lines 9! previous forwarders. Several of the forwarded messages included notes to the bunch they were emailing: “i hope that this is not a scare tactic”, “Better safe than sorry!”, and my favorite, “I don’t know whether this is for real or not. Many of these warnings aren’t.”

WHY forward something if you don’t even think it’s real?!? Because, you know what? It wasn’t.

Granted, there is no beginning email etiquette class telling you the things that I wish everyone knew. The first thing I would teach? Check to see whether these are true. This site lets you know what is real, what is a complete hoax, and what has some truth to it.

Can’t remember “”? Guess what? If you copy a line from the forwarded message and do a quick Web search, will usually be one of the top results.

Do the internet – and your friends – a favor. Do a quick search before you pass along bogus information. Ridding the world of crappy information makes my inner librarian so happy.


  1. Lettie said,

    but seriously, did you see “hugging lessons”? a black soft mastiff and a 6 month old cutey- aww, lol-

  2. Jen said,

    Just love snopes. I know someone who forwards info to the person who forwarded, as well as all the people who got the info as a form of public service tinged with the tiniest amount of pink cheeks to the person who constantly forwards.

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