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December 5, 2007 at 5:10 pm (2.0 google documents sharing)

I LOVE Google Docs. It is so awesome to have a free, online place to keep track of documents. I have used it a bit for personal use, for teaching, and some for work at the library.

I keep track of our Staff Picks display in the Great Hall at the main library – these books are so popular! I am always accepting new selections from staff and constantly add them to a master list. I used to update the list in Excel and email myself the latest copy. Now I have it saved in a Google spreadsheet and it automatically saves and updates as I work – nice! There are differences to the new format and I’m not as quick in Google as I am in Excel so it is not 100% perfect, but I am not considering going back to Excel.

Staff Picks
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It can take several moments for pasted information to appear and at first I didn’t think it was working. I’m used to much faster results, but don’t usually have to go through the Internet to update. ;)

I really like the ability to share files and co-update them (with several people!) *at the same time*. I have collaborated with others, or proofread others’ work this way and you don’t have to worry about emailing attachments and having the most recent copy.

Google Docs has been down twice when I needed it, so that was a major bummer, but since the service is officially in beta, I’m sure all of those wrinkles will be ironed out.

UPDATE: In the process of posting this blog and continuing to work in Google Docs, it conked out on me for a couple of minutes. I grabbed a screen shot of the error I got. It’s back now, but it’s frustrating when this happens.

"trying to reach google"
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  1. Carla said,

    I use google docs almost exclusively now. I’ve moved our checking account ledger to docs and love that it’s no longer affixed to one computer. Jas and I can use it whenever we need to.
    I’ve never had trouble with it freezing up, though

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