new year, new semester

January 11, 2008 at 4:58 pm (teaching blogs 2.0)

The spring semester officially starts on Monday, but they let students into my online class today. The university switched to a new online courseware system, which is very similar to the old one but different enough to make it a little more difficult. Just when I finally had the old one down, too!

In semesters past, I have used blogs to provide additional class info. I would post my all-class emails there, add news articles that have to do with our subject, and give directions for assignments. This semester, I plan to run the whole class from a blog. I also switched from blogger to (ability to create pages was one of the pluses). Each week’s introduction and reading list will be posted on the class blog. Students will still use the courseware system to post their weekly assignments and log in for grades. They will also create their own blogs.

I think this set up will work better for me, and for the students. We’ll see. I have been offered this teaching gig through the fall semester, and we’ll see about that, too.


  1. Jen said,

    Go, go, go! Does this mean you’ve dropped the myspace part?

  2. library chicken said,

    I used MySpace for the blogging requirement my second semester. There were some things I liked about using it, but Ian will be happy to know the high spam content was one of the reasons I dropped it.

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