February 12, 2008 at 8:38 pm (twitter library)

I was the person on our committee who suggested we include Twitter in our 2.0 learning curriculum. I think it has great potential for libraries and librarians. I initially liked the idea of the application for librarians at conventions. Being able to send a quick message to all of your friends simultaneously, alerting them to which sessions you’ll be attending and where you’re having lunch seems like a great time-saver.

Similarly, libraries sending alerts about their upcoming programs, etc., to a large group of interested folks – all in one fell swoop – is so handy. You can post your twitter updates on your Web site or blog, so it’s constantly updated. And your friends/fans/patrons can also have the option of getting text updates on their cells.

I’m currently following 27 people on twitter. Three I had to drop from text notifications, because they were so prolific that it was becoming annoying. I do learn some handy things from these folks, but I can’t take that many texts on my phone.

The one thing that drives me batty about Twitter are the blank texts I get. I finally figured out that when people reply to another person’s “tweet”, using @username, I get a blank text message. Even if they are replying to me! I just tried to change my @reply settings, but I think they were already set correctly, so we’ll see if that helps. But why, oh why, would twitter think you’d want to pay for a blank text message?

I’ve sent out 338 twitter updates so far, and it looks like most are notifying people that I’m either working (both jobs), hungry, or sick. Fascinating? Not really. But I dig it.

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