I hate captchas

February 18, 2008 at 7:48 pm (Uncategorized)

Dude. Can I tell you how much I hate captchas? You know, the “type the letters you see into this box so we know you’re not a robot” action. When I’m signing up for an account, sure, I can take it. I’ll enter your captcha so you know I’m legit.

But when I’m trying to leave a comment on a blog, logged in as a Blogger user? Dude. Please don’t make me decipher the damn captcha.

captcha, I hate thee
Originally uploaded by webchicken

If I follow your blog, maybe even leave comments, do me a favor, would ya? Turn off captchas. Do you think it really cuts down on spam comments? I allow anonymous blog comments and have not had a spam problem as of yet. I may love you, and love your blog, but I gotta say – I hate captchas.

(Typing “captcha” repeatedly in this post has reinforced how much I loathe them.)


  1. Arco said,

    I Hate Captchas!!!

    Sometimes u got to guess what the hell it’s written on them damn Captchas. It really pisses me off when some of the words are backwards and mostly unreadable, most of all, on some sites when you enter the Captcha letters wrong all the information you was ready to submit resets and disappears, good thing for firefox that remembers most of the fields but frankly Captchas suck balls!!

  2. Shawn Econo said,

    Mmmmmmmm, mabaovsh! Yummy yummy mabaovsh! My favorite of all the Hungarian cuisines!

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