February 19, 2008 at 3:30 pm (Uncategorized)

I am a big fan of the Golden Compass. Iorek Byrnison was one of my favorites. (You can barely see him in the display above Dean’s head – on the right.)

@ Golden Compass
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I was doing some reference work today, using the CIA’s World Factbook (my choice for up-to-date country information) and I noticed that Svalbard actually exists! It even includes Bjornoya (Bear Island)!

I always thought it was imaginary. Well, I suppose the bear castle and gateway to other worlds may be imaginary, but I didn’t know there is a geographical place in existence called Svalbard. I love my job. Learning cool stuff all the time!


  1. Kay said,

    Candy Colored pretty interior.

  2. lightheartedlibrarian said,

    I’m a fan of the Golden Compass books too! Saw the movie–liked it better than most of the critics did. The scenery and special effects were top-notch.

  3. Hellemester said,

    Svalbard is a part of Norway actually, and there are polarbears there – very dangerous for the local people.


  4. Truth Seeker said,

    “I love my job. Learning new stuff all the time is cool!”

    *green I am. enviously, seethingly green*

    And also way happyforya…

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