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May 12, 2008 at 3:25 pm (Uncategorized)

Once the “office” upstairs at my house officially becomes the nursery, the computers, books, and files (and gerbils!) will need to find a new home. I plan to give away tons of books (gasp!). [If you are interested in feminism or women’s studies, I’ll load you up for free!] I also want to get a new, larger filing cabinet that I can keep in the bedroom that won’t be too atrocious. My iMac will be moving downstairs, but I really wanted a new computer desk that matches the downstairs decor.

David told me on Saturday he had seen a nice computer desk at Staples for $69. I went on their Web site and found the same desk – with an attached bookcase (extra shelves) – for the same price, including free shipping! I ordered right then and it arrived this morning. When looking for an image on their site today, I see the price is now up $60 from that. Great timing!

Z-Line® Onyx Computer Desk and Bookcase, Clear Glass with Black Frame

Now I just need a black vertical filing cabinet that is higher than 2 drawers. Or maybe I should weed some of my files, too…


  1. Truth Seeker said,

    Weeding?! *horrified gasp* But,… but… Nooooooo!!!!


  2. Alec said,

    I have a similar computer desk from the same company. Have had it for 6 years and love it. You do have to windex the glass pretty often, but in my book, that is better than dusting.

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