photo digitization

August 15, 2008 at 3:35 pm (Uncategorized) ()

I am really into scanning and preserving photographs.  I scanned tons of historic photos from both sides of my family and Flickred them, but I still have lots from my childhood and adolescence that I plan to scan someday.  (Ah, yes, the ever elusive someday when I will have all that free time….)  I just read a NYT article about ScanMyPhotos – they will scan 1000 photos for $50.  Check the article for the fine print and more information.  I’m still very interested.
Dad and "punk" girls, halloween [1982?]


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  1. Ian said,

    Soon you, too, will understand that people with kids know that day will never come. Oh, sure, intellectually I know that kids grow up, people retire and get lots of free time. But in my gut, I know that (to quote the 2 year old) WE’RE TWAPPED! WE CAN’T GET OUT!

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