Library Day in the Life, Round 5

July 24, 2010 at 9:16 am (blogging, librarian, libraries, library, librarydayinthelife) ()

July 24, 2010

(The actual date for this round of  Library Day in the Life is July 26, but I don’t work on Mondays in the summer.)

This is a look into my life as a reference librarian at a semi-large urban public library in the Midwest.  On Saturdays, I work 8 hours on the desk.

Here are some of the issues I dealt with, and questions answered for patrons:

  • Troubleshooting problems with our VOIP phone system
  • “Can you use my ID to look up my library card number so I can use the Internet?”  (No, I can’t.  Patrons who live in our county must have their library card to use the computer or get free parking.)
  • “When is the children’s chess tournament?”
  • Place books on hold
  • Find call numbers for books on: a psychological disorder, Native American religion/spiritualism, Australian travel, a Sumerian goddess
  • Two interlibrary loan requests for titles we don’t have
  • LOTS of validating parking tickets
  • Which bands are playing at the outdoor concert tonight?
  • “Does the library offer computer classes ?” (Not until September.)
  • Yep, I did shush someone. :)
  • “When did women in the US get the right to vote?” (Do I get bonus points because I knew which Amendment and the year it became law even before I verified it?)
  • Which states have legalized medical marijuana?
  • Phone number lookup (had to use both an online database and print city directory to verify, since the names were listed slightly differently)

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  1. izziedarling said,

    Yes, you get a bunch of bonus points for “right to vote”. And a bunch more for working 8 hours on Saturday. And then another 500 for your career choice. I love books. Cheers!

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